We / Takayamakasei have established “Privacy Policy” with respect to the handling of customer’s personal information.
We will strive to protect personal information on the basis of the policy as following.

Acquisition of personal information

If we would acquire customer's personal information, we specify its purpose of only use within our business activity.

Purpose of use of personal information

We limit the scope of the purpose for using personal information.If we would exceed the limit for using its information, we get customer's consent, except extent permitted by law.

Implementation of protective measures

We place the management representative upon handling personal information. Also, we will strive to the appropriate management to avoid unauthorized access to personal information, the loss of personal information, destruction, prevention of leakage or tampering, etc.

Third party provision of personal information

We never provide customer’s personal information to third parties, except have gotten customer’s consent, or a range permitted by law. If we have to provide personal information to third parties, we limit the range of its necessity.

Disclosure of personal information, etc.

We respond appropriately and promptly to customers within reason, who would like inquiry of own personal information, corrections, etc.

Responding to complaints

We respond appropriately and promptly to customers, when we receive complaints of regarding handling of personal information.

Continuous improvement and compliance

We will abide law and integrity regarding “privacy policy”, and also strive to review as appropriate, and to improve.

Personal Information Management Officer

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